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I'm a Licensed Esthetician, and owner of Fresh Waxing Studio.  I have been in the ever-changing world of skincare since 2009. I studied in my home state, Minnesota, at the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis. It has been such a wonderful journey in the industry, so far. I started my career at a day spa in central Minnesota, honing in on facials and skin treatments. There, I learned how to perform microdermabrasion and chemical peels, and incorporate them into facials. I also provided waxing and makeup services to clients. August of 2012, I decided to venture off to Madison, Wisconsin. There I found, a waxing studio, downtown, I maintained a career there for over four years. And it was there, that I had gained so much experience with specific services, such as brow and brazilian waxing, as well as all body waxing. 

Fresh Waxing Studio has been open since March 2017, and has expanded  its waxing and makeup menu to incorporate progressive and nourishing skin care to suite your needs. I have recently been certified in dermaplaning and dermafiling, so we can customize your treatment even further. Constantly educating myself, to expand on my services, is so important to me. I want to provide you with clean and focused services, with an affordable edge. It is my goal, to make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself!

I encourage you to do whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful. Whether it is removing all of your body hair, or leaving it be, wearing a bold lip color, or no makeup at all. As much as I am wax-positive, I am also hair-positive. There is no shame in anything you do to make yourself feel you! It is YOUR beauty. 

Be bold, or be soft, just always be FRESH!